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Songs for Wild Horses - New Dimensions 2015
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Songs for Wild Horses - New Dimensions 2015

In 2014 New Dimensions commissioned Nils Økland and Øyvind Skarbø to work with local musicians based at Coda Music Centre in Hampshire. Over the course of a year they collaborated with the Songs for Wild Horses Ensemble and Coda Community Singing Group to devise a new suite of music. Inspired by the landscape and stories of the New Forest and Norway, Songs for Wild Horses presents a contemporary response to the musical and oral traditions of these places. The work was performed to a sell-out audience on 4th October 2015 at the beautiful New Forest setting of The Treehouses at Beaulieu. 

Nils Økland is an innovative violinist and Hardanger fiddle specialist who is creatively expanding the range of the traditional music of his homeland. He describes his own music as a 'hybrid between the poetry of folk music and the energy of punk.'

Øyvind Skarbø is a percussionist, composer and producer. Currently a member of several different bands, his musical interests cover everything from free jazz to traditional folk. ‘If I were to have a new band for every direction I wanted to explore, I would have 20 bands.’

A short project documentary is available at Vimeo


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